fresh açaí berries @ 2020 botanica origins

Single-origin superfoods ethically sourced from their native habitat

We offer high quality, delicious, and nutrient-dense foods ethically sourced from their native habitat.

We believe that food nourishes the body and soul. And food that is grown and harvested naturally, preserving the environment, celebrating traditions, and caring for the people, fulfills this potential.

Always wild or certified organic, single-origin, sustainable, and loaded with nutrients, we only source food that we know and can be proud of!

Our committment


Always sourcing pure & nutrient-dense ingredients, just as nature intended. This is why we only source food grown in the wild, through agroforestry, or on organic certified farms. We never add any weird things or irradiate our foods and we always choose processing methods that optmize nutrient retention.


Ensuring product traceability, so you know where your food comes from. All of our products are single-origin from their native habitats, and straight from the source - avoiding importers and handlers.


Taking care of the environment & local communities, because this is what matters the most. We make sure that we always source ingredients that promotes biodiversity and boosts local economies from the regions we source, ensuring fair wages and the preservation of local flora.