What is a Plant-Based Superfood?

    At Botanica Origins, we consider a plant-based superfood to be any fruit, nut, or seed that is naturally dense in nutrients, and was grown, harvested, and prepared in a way that maximizes nutrient integrity at the time of consumption. By definition, a superfood has a high concentration of nutrients to calories. 

    Some of our plant-based superfoods like Baru Nuts contain large quantities of common nutrients like protein and fiber, while others, like Açaí, are dense in uncommon nutrients, like rare antioxidants and healthy fats. Each ingredient has something unique to offer and can aid in promoting a healthy diet.

    What is a Wild Harvest?

      In today’s global food supply chain, a wild harvest is rare. A wild harvest represents food gathered from plants that grow naturally in an untouched environment and in their native habitat. In this ecosystem, the plants contribute to nature's biodiversity, interacting with other plants, animals, and microorganisms, with little or no human interference. The plants have access to clean water, unpolluted air, and rich soil; just as nature intended.

      We at Botanica Origins have created a Wild Harvest symbol to help people quickly identify and recognize ingredients that were sourced from the wild. Click here to learn more.

      Are your products raw?

        We are dedicated to preserving the nutritional integrity of all of our products to maximize the benefits for you. To achieve this, we use novel methods like freeze-drying, cold-pressing, and low-temperature techniques. Almost all of our products are low-temperature processed to retain as many nutrients as possible.

        Our Cacao and Acai products are never heated above 118°F.

        Our Nuts have various treatments to preserve their nutritional integrity while ensuring they are safe for human consumption:

        • Brazil nuts can only be consumed in their true raw state (i.e. never heated-treated) if they are removed from their shell by hand and eaten within 3-5 days. Since this is not practical for consumption outside of the Amazon, our Brazil Nuts are steamed to remove their shell and heated to 158°F. They are not pasteurized, roasted, or treated with any chemicals or additives, meaning they can be considered raw for recipe purposes.
        • Cashew nuts can never be eaten completely raw as they contain a toxic substance called urushiol. Our Cashew Nuts are steamed in order to break down this toxin and make them safe for human consumption. They are not pasteurized, roasted, or treated with any chemicals or additives, meaning they can be considered raw for recipe purposes.
        • Baru nuts contain anti-nutrients when completely raw, which are best broken down through roasting. Our Baru Nuts are roasted to perfection to enhance their nutritional benefits.

        Where can I buy your products? Can I order outside of the United States?

          We are actively working on expanding our Retail channels in the United States. At the moment, you can buy directly from BotanicaOrigins.com, or from Amazon.com.

          Unfortunately, at this time, we are only able to ship to addresses based in the United States.

          We can accommodate special requests for international shipping. However, please note that there would be additional shipping charges and import duties. If you would like a quote, please email us directly at LetsTalk@BotanicaOrigins.com.

          How should I store your products?

            In order to preserve maximum freshness we recommend to either refrigerate products after opening or to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You will also find the specific storage instructions on each of our product’s packages.

            Does your facility handle allergens?

              Yes. The facility packages tree nuts (Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Baru Nuts), wheat, and soy products. It does not handle peanuts.

              Do you offer bulk products for sale?

                Yes. We can offer wholesale accounts to approved businesses. Please reach out to us directly at LetsTalk@BotanicaOrigins.com to learn more.

                What is your packaging made of? Can I recycle it?

                  We take pride in our sustainable practices and our packaging is no exception. However, due to the nature of our products and in order to maintain our fresh from tree-to-door promise, our packaging must adhere to strict moisture, UV, and oxygen barriers. Unfortunately, current sustainable packaging options cannot withstand these barriers over the shelf life of our products. We remain committed to our mission for sustainability and are currently testing Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) packaging, which is made of 28% PCR content.

                  Our bags are 100% BPA-free and made with food-safe layered plastic film. Their Resin Identification Code (RIC) is 7. While this material is considered recyclable, many municipalities do not yet have the technology to handle it. Your local municipality can provide more information on their capabilities.

                  Who are you certified with?

                    We work with a variety of third-party certification agencies to ensure that our products meet industry-wide regulations. Our USDA Organic certification is through California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Our non-GMO certification is through the Non-GMO Project. Our Kosher certification is through OK Kosher.

                    In which countries are your products grown?

                      We adhere to single-source and small batch practices ensuring that our products' origin is clear. All the products we currently offer are from the specific regions of Brazil that have historically been their native home: the Amazon rainforest (Açaí, Cacao, Brazil Nuts), the Cerrado Savanna (Baru Nuts), and the Caatinga Desert (Cashew Nuts). You will find the approximate geographical coordinates of each product's origin on its package.

                      Why do you import your products instead of sourcing them locally?

                        All of the products we currently offer are neither native to the US nor can be grown locally. We sustainably source our ingredients from endangered ecosystems as a way of creating awareness about them and helping to protect biodiversity, which has a positive impact on the whole planet!

                        We also contribute to the US economy, proudly packaging our products in California and distributing throughout the whole country!