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Discover how we celebrate food through its origin


We are Camila & Giordana. We grew up in the Amazon region of Brazil, in a world where whole ingredients and Amazonian superfoods were a normal way of life.

Our family grew a lot of what we ate and our meals were always fresh and seasonal. Through this, we developed a close relationship with food from an early age and came to understand that eating should go beyond nourishing our bodies; it should be a full experience that creates memories and inspires us to explore the world.

After years of traveling and living abroad we often found ourselves missing the taste of the ingredients we had back home and the deep relationship with food that we had developed as children.

Outside of the Amazon, we found that Brazil nuts were rarely fresh, often having a moldy aftertaste, that açaí never tasted natural because it was never pure, and that cacao powder had many different colors and flavors outside the natural ones we were used to.

We missed our milky and crunchy nuts, our dark purple and intense açaí, and our natural and aromatic cacao powder. Besides that, the origin of most of the food was often unclear, and we felt that this should be an essential feature to allow every person to understand and connect with what they are eating.

Dissatisfied with what we could find on the market, we decided to start Botanica Origins!

Our mission is twofold: Offer ingredients in their pure and natural form, that not only taste as good as they do in their native habitat, but also provide the optimum health benefits as intended by nature, while giving people the transparency to reconnect with what they eat by understanding its origins. 

We believe that everybody has the right to know where and how their food is grown and its impact on the planet. Allowing people to make informed decisions can help the world become a better place!

We hope that you'll love these products as much as we do!

Camila Gusmão     Giordana Gusmão

Botanica Origins founders: Camila and Giordana
Fresh acai berries on handAmazon region of Brazil

About Us

At Botanica Origins we celebrate food through its origin, understanding the story and purpose behind it. We scour the globe in search of communities who, over generations, have mastered food harvesting methods that maximize nutritional value and aid in healthy living.

For us, everything starts with a passion for discovery. A desire to explore nature, understand traditions, and uncover nourishing foods.

We carefully select ingredients that have an exceptionally high nutritional profile, are naturally full of flavor, and have a meaning. A meaning engrained deep within their ecosystem, safeguarding local communities and biodiversity. From keeping ancient forests untouched, to recovering degraded land, to bringing prosperity for local communities.

Always wild or organic, single origin, sustainable, and loaded with nutrients, we only source food that we know and can be proud of!