Wild & Organic Superfoods

We only source food grown in the wild, through agroforestry, or on organic certified farms, which means it will never be genetically modified or grown using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Packed with Flavor and Nutrition

We carefully select ingredients that are naturally tasty and high in nutrients, and we take every measure to ensure they stay that way.

Direct from the Source

Our products are always single-sourced. This allows us to stand behind our sourcing practices and ensure traceability. You will always find the approximate geographical coordinates of a product's origin on its package.

Sustainable Ingredients

Our food has a meaning. We always source ingredients that play a clear role in improving the lives of people and preserving the biodiversity in the regions where they are naturally from.

Enjoy the taste of nature...


Nourish Your Soul

We only source the best quality ingredients and they are always as pure as nature intended. We never add any types of preservatives, sweeteners, artificial colors, flavoring, or other chemicals.

Consume the Right Way

We use traditional techniques whenever possible and novel technology whenever necessary to make sure our food meets the highest quality standards in terms of cleanliness, safety, and freshness.

Eat Ethically 

We provide as much information as we can about the specific location where our food comes from, the way it was grown, harvested, and prepared, its certifications, nutritional information, and health benefits.